Regular maintenance

Make sure to perform the following every 3 months:

  • Clean laser mirrors
  • Clean linear bearings

Replacement Parts

New tube too big


Linear bearings

The Y-axis runs on a linear bearing. Here's a video on cleaning them:

If there is a rust build-up (oxidation), you can buff it out with Scotch Brite.

It was recommended to not use grease, because it can collect dust.

Adjusting the linear bearing belt Adjusting the linear bearing beltTesting mirror calibration

Calibrating Mirrors

This is often a slow and tedious process. When calibrating the mirrors, do in this order:

  • Mirror closest to the laser
  • Y-Axis mirror
  • X-Axis mirror

To determine if the mirror is aligned, add a piece of tape to the front of a piece of paper to easily tell where the beam it hitting.

NOTE: There might be a better way of doing this, but since it's a repeated process, we wanted something we could easily throw away to re-test with fresh materials.

Misc Upgrades

Master Switch 

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