• Inkscape - Vector graphics software. Used to convert images to vector graph
  • RDWorks - Laser cutter software to file, adjust, set your parameters/settings. You can even design in it. Does both Vector and Raster in the same job


Laser switch on/off Main Power on/off. The Emergency Stop is only for Emergencies. IT WILL FIRE A LASER PULSE - EVEN with the door OPEN.


We assume a fixed height. Ensure top of material is TODO distance from head.


  • Default 0,0. In upper left
  • Laser will automatically home on start.
  • Setting new home position. Origin on control panel will set the new Home position wherever the laser head is positioned.

Resetting new Home

  • In RDWorks, the green square is where the laser will start.
  • Laser ignores white square around image.
  • Starts where the Origin is set


  • Once job is loaded, click "Frame" on Laser Cutter to see outline of file loaded.

Load Job to Laser Cutter

  • Once job is ready, Click "Download" button
    • Yes, even though you are uploading job, it's the download button

Starting a job

  • In RDWorks, you have 2 options.
  • [Start] turns on the blower & immediately starts the job.
  • [Download] adds the job to the job queue on the laser. This is accessed via the [Files] button. [Files] lets you scroll thru the jobs. Select one and press [Enter]. The screen shows the job in color, with the setting for each color. Press [Start/Pause] to start the job.
  • The Blower comes on automatically

Pausing a job

  • Press [Start/Pause]. To restart a job press [Start/Pause] again.

Stopping a job

  • Press [Start/Pause]. Press[Esc] or
  • Press [Reset]. Use the [Esc] or [Enter] key to reboot if needed.

Max Speed

  • Current recorded max speed is 200mm/s

Steps to use

Check the following

  • Check water level
  • Check is "safe state" (TBD)
  • Ensure grate is clear of materials

Convert to Plotter

  • Open Inkscape
  • Import PNG to import
  • Select (click on imported) image
    • If you don't, you'll need to click it again in the next step
  • Click Path -> Trace Bitmap
    • Will open new window
    • Click "Live Preview"
    • Click "Brightness cutoff"
    • Click OK
    • Close Window
  • Click File -> Save As
    • Save as type: Desktop Cutting Plotter (AutoCAD DXF R14) (*.dfx)

Print to cutter

  • Click File -> New
  • Click File -> Import
    • Select your .dfx file
    • Click OK to accept defaults

Reverse Image

  • Click "Select" button (arrow button in top left)
    • Select entire image
    • Click Draw -> Horz Mirror

Start print

  • IP:
  • Click Start
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