How to engrave a coaster 

For this example, these coasters were tested (~95mm diameter).  My design was 80mm x 80m which left a decent margin.

  1. On a piece of paper, place the coaster and trace the outline

  2. Using the outline, find the center of the circle on the paper (Ideas:
    Tape paper to laser cutting floor

  3. Adjust laser till it's in the middle of the circle (Test using Pulse)

  4. Place coaster on top of paper

  5. Set Job Origin to "center" and Start from to "Current Position"

  6. Test with "Frame"

  7. Burninate!

PROTIP: If you're doing multiple, make sure to capture your X/Y Position as it will not return to center once done. I added a "Saved Position" in Lightburn which made it super easy to replicate.

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