• Doug Emes - President

  • Tommy Falgout - Vice President, Fundraising Coordinator
  • Ryan Elliott - Secretary
  • Olivia Snyder - Floating Board
  • Phil Magolias - Floating Board, CTO
  • Luke Bayley - Treasurer
  • John Sanders - Facilities Coordinator
  • Brandon Hansford - Education Coordinator


Discussion items

Health and safetyDougDue to our location being in one of the high covid transmission rate areas, we are encouraging members to wear masks on premesis.
  • We now have a potable water dispenser.
  • Please let leadership know when the jug is below about 1/3 and there is no replacement.
  • Please bring your own cup, and do not leave it at the space.
  • We may get some on premises cups, or sell branded water bottles in the future.
  • We have upgraded the WiFi
  • Please use the new 5G network while at the space.
  • The password will be the same as it has been.
Treasurer's reportLuke
  • Our membership is up by 4 members.
  • The treasurer's report can be found here.
  • We are now back on an annual insurance policy.
Status of the transfer to WHMCS from the legacy method.Phil
  • We have just over half of all members transitioned.
Vote on planned action items as outlined in the action items sectionRyan
  • Discussing the specifics of topics up for vote
Trello Volunteer board still needs hosts for some areasDoug
  • Stitchlab
  • SLA printing
  • Woodshop areas
Upcoming eventsSelina
  • Make the space 2nd and 4th Wednesday
  • Fen Con September 17-19
  • NTX Giving day September 23
  • Still looking for Show and Tell participants
  • For more information or if you want to participate email

Action items

Vote for Theo Foster to become the CLOUnanimous
  • This is the first CLO we have had since the original leadership team
Vote to create an Special Events Coordinator positionUnanimous
  • This is for anything specific to special events that are one time or irregular events which are specifically endorsed by
Vote to elect Selina Workman as the Events CoordinatorUnanimous
  • Selina is now the first SPecial Events Coordinator
Vote to reimburse for backdoor tooling purchases4 yes - Doug Abstained
  • Doug Emes reimbursed for $95.20

Vote to reimburse for WiFi Upgrade costs

  • Theo Foster reimbursed for $223.02
Vote to purchase an annual Vectric Vcarve Pro Makerspace licenseTabled for 2 weeks
  • This is a woodworking software for 3d carved relief designs on the CNC table
  • Cost is $99/year
  • Voted to table this item for 2 weeks to determine if it is the best option available to us and that the members will want to use this software