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  • Resin 3D Printing (SLA) Station (~$3000)
    • printer(s)
    • ventilation system
    • material management
    • waste material management


  • Shop Expansion
    • Improved dust extraction system
    • Additional tools
    • Metalworking equipment
  • Live Streaming Video Rig (~$2500)


  • Expansion into remaining space at 999 E. Arapaho location (TBD)

Equipment Wish List

Equipment DescriptionProjected CostViable Candidates
Resin 3D Printing Station$3000
Livestreaming Equipment$2500

Proposals submitted to BoD before end of February:


  • Local partners, we would love for you to join us in our fundraising efforts.  Your gift of an auctionable item, gift certificate, experience, or monetary gift will help us grow in our new Richardson IQ space.


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