So you've joined! And you want in NOW! Fret not, this will guide you through how to add a keyfob badge number to your member profile.

0) What is a keyfob/fob?

A keyfob is a little plastic disk with an RFID chip inside. We use these as keys to TheLab. Note that there is a number impressed on the fob. This is NOT your badge number.

1) Pick up a blank fob from the fob box. Currently, there is a box below the doorbell outside the space. Each fob should have a number attached to it. THIS is your badge number. NOT the number impressed into the plastic of the fob. These fobs are INACTIVE and will not grant you access to the makerspace.

2) Log on to You should have created an account when you joined.  If you have problems, please contact the CTO.

3) On the "Your Info" box, click the "Update" button.

4) Under "Account Details" page, there is a box that says "Badge Number." Here is where you enter in the number for your fob. (Again, NOT the number that's impressed into the badge.)

5) Click "Save Changes"

   - CTO note: This may take up to 60 seconds to complete

6) After you've done all that, you should be able to scan your fob at the door and be granted entrance.


Q: My badge isn't beeping at all!
A: Your badge may be defective. Try swiping it at the middle of the fob reader. If it doesn't beep, contact the CTO

Q: My badge was working, now it's not!
A: Badges may stop working due to:

  • magnets
  • going through the washer/dryer
  • smashing with a hammer
  • modding
  • non-payment of membership dues

Q: Can I decorate my badge?
A: Sure! But please use common sense and don't identify your fob as belonging to If you lose your keys, some ne'r-do-well could gain access!

Q: Can I mod my badge/use a different one?
A: We can talk about what you want to do! I recommend emailing and making an inquiry with specifics.

Q: Can I share my fob?
A: Nope. This violates the membership agreement. Your fob identifies you as you entering TheLab, and signifies that you are paying your dues. If your best bud or spouse is using your badge and not paying dues, your membership will be immediately terminated.

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