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Board of Directors

We currently have a five director board made up of the President, Vice President, Secretary, and two Floating Board Members. The directors are elected annually by a vote of the membership.

PositionNameDiscord Handle
PresidentDoug Emes@dougemes
Vice President@HanniGarbz
Floating Board

Paul Ingendorf

Floating BoardMichael Chow@Mic


We currently have six officer positions including Treasurer, Chief Technical Officer, Education Coordinator, Fundraising Coordinator, Facilities Coordinator, and Chief Legal Officer. The officers are elected annually by a vote of the membership.

To contact anyone in Leadership, you can reach anybody on our Discord server, email, or flag us down at the space!

Please note that while Leadership is dedicated and loves dearly, we are all volunteers! We do our best to help you, but also have day jobs.

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