Directors and Officers Present

  • Olivia Snyder: President

  • Tommy Falgout: Vice President
  • Ryan Elliott: Secretary
  • Brandon Hansford: Floating Board, Education Coordinator
  • Phil Magolias: Floating Board, CTO
  • Luke Bayley: Treasurer
  • Andy Michaels: Fundraising Coordinator

Directors and Officers Absent

  • John Sanders: Facilities Coordinator


Discussion items Leadership

  • The State of Texas mandate is ending soon. will still require you to wear a mask.


 New EquipmentN/A
  •  Proposal for CNC machine and Dye Sub
3rdTreasurer's ReportN/A
  • The current financial status can be found here.
  • Treasurer has recommended that we keep an active balance of $16k for emergency expenditures.
4thBusiness TourN/A
  • There will be a tour of the lab for Leadership Richardson on Mar 5, and the laser cutter will not be available at this time.
5thMove meetingsN/A
  • The move/improvement meetings will be on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays going forward.
6thShow and TellN/A
  • We are looking to start a show and tell.
7thMeeting notesN/A
  • Meeting notes will no longer be hosted on the main site, it will all be on the knowledge-base site.
  • Proposal to increase marketing budget.
  • Proposal to create a better method of tracking how people heard about the lab to help determine where this budget needs to go.

Discussion items from Membership

1stCNC MachineN/A
  • Additional discussion about CNC printers. Specifically about the Lowrider 2 and the Shapeoko Pro XXL.