• Olivia Snyder: President

  • Tommy Falgout: Vice President
  • Ryan Elliott: Secretary

  • Brandon Hansford: Floating Board, Education Coordinator
  • Phil Magolias: Floating Board, CTO
  • Andy Michaels: Fundraising Coordinator
  • Luke Bayley: Treasurer
  • John Sanders: Facilities Coordinator.


Discussion items

1stA look back at the year.Tommy
  • Looking over all of the pictures taken during the process of moving.
 2nd Elections are next month.Tommy
  •  The election will be on June 5th 2021.
  • In order to be allowed to vote your physical identification needs to be verified by 2 board members.
  • If you are a legacy voter you are considered to still be allowed to vote.
  • You can nominate anyone for any position. They have the choice to accept or deny.
  • In order to be elected you have to be a member in good standing for 6 months. That would be December 5th. A member in good standing is one who has dues paid in full without corrective disciplinary action taken against them.
  • You can vote by proxy by sending an email to
3rdClarification of BylawsBoard
  • Vote on an addendum of the term limits in the bylaws for clarification.
  • No director may serve more than 3 consecutive terms in the same office.
  • Section 7
  • Vote - Unanimous - Passed
4thFood Issues.Board
  • Discussed potential solutions for the concerns of crumbs being left around.
5thTreaurer's ReportLuke
6thArea HostsBoard
  • Vote for Theo Foster as the CNC area host - Unanimous - Passed
  • Vote for Doug Eames as Dye Sub area host - Unanimous - Passed
  • We are looking for new hosts for Stitchlab, Woodshop, and SLA Printing. If you would like any of these roles please let us know at
7thCommunity OutreachRyan
  • We are looking for help connecting to more of the communities around the city. If you would like to help reach out to
8thCommunity EventTommy
9thMembership PointsBoard
  • Vote to award Theo Foster with a membership point due to his extensive efforts in helping - Unanimous - Passed
10thChief Legal OfficerMembership Questions
  • We are looking for a Chief Legal Officer.
  • This person needs to be a lawyer or paralegal.
11thD&O Insurance.

Membership Questions

  • We are looking into getting this and are getting quotes.