Current Membership Rates

Our members are the custodians of our space. As a paying member, you will have physical access to the space and tools 24 hours a day. Membership is the easiest way to be active and contribute financially.

Here are the current membership dues amounts that are in effect since 01/01/2016, till 12/31/2020:

TypeAmountDescriptionGet it!


Monthly Dues, automatically recurring.



Yearly Dues (save $80 a year), automatically recurring.

Family$15/mo or $150/yr beyond first member1st Member normal rate, $15/mo or $150/yr for each family member
Student/Retiree/Unemployed$15/mo or $150/yrCoordinate with Leadership to sign up
First Responder/Military/Veterans$15/mo or $150/yrCoordinate with Leadership to sign up
  • Members who signed up for a recurring payment plan prior to 1/01/2021 have locked in their membership dues prices amount for as long as they keep their membership current.
  • Student and Retiree rates are not eligible for plankholder status.
  • First Responder includes Firefighter, EMS and Police Officers

Membership Agreement

Members of and their guests must agree and adhere to the Membership Agreement as a requirement of membership.

Violation of the membership terms and/or conditions outlined in this membership agreement may result in termination of membership.

Submission of payment for membership is considered a declaration of agreement to these terms.

Family Rates Requires Leadership Approval

Special Rates offers special rates for members who are in need of some sort of financial assistance. In order to be considered, we ask prospective members to answer a few questions for the Board to reconnoiter before application is approved or denied by the Board. If you are retired or unemployed, check out the Special Rates Application here.

Special Rates Requires Leadership Approval

Rate History

These rates are no longer offered, but are shown here for historical purposes.

Plank Holder Monthly - v2$30/MoMonthly for members in good standing since prior to 12/31/2020
Plank Holder Yearly - v2$250/YrYearly for members in good standing since prior to 12/31/2020
Plank Holder Monthly$20/MoMonthly for members in good standing since prior to 12/31/20
Plank Holder Yearly$200/YrYearly for members in good standing since prior to 12/31/2015
Lifetime$1000Our original Lifetime Membership offering, prior to 12/31/2015.
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