• Doug Emes - President

  • Tommy Falgout - Vice President, Fundraising Coordinator
  • Ryan Elliott - Secretary
  • Phil Magolias - CTO, Floating Board
  • Olivia Snyder - Floating Board
  • Brandon Hansford - Education Coordinator
  • John Sanders - Facilities Coordinator
  • Luke Bayley - Treasurer
  • Selina Workman - Events Coordinator
  • Theo Foster - CLO


Discussion items

  • Masks are required in the space.
  • There are a number of people who are still not wearing them.
  • We are going to start deactivating badge access for repeat offenders.
 Trogdor is getting new lungs. Doug
  • Trogdor is getting increased blowing power in the ventilation system.
  • This will increase the efficiency of burninanting the countryside by an unspecified percentage.
Mig PressDoug
  • We now have a mug press.
  • You can make custom mugs.
  • That's pretty neat.
Tresurer's ReportLuke
  • Regular annual expenses came out this month.
  • Several repairs and upgrades were made.
  • Down from 121 to 112 subscribers. This is expected due to the time of year.
  • We had several one time donations via the QR codes. Please leave a note in the notes section when you donate so that we know where to supply more resources.
  • We have not been receiving Amazon smile benefits and are investigating.
  • We are not having the best success at getting people who want to get involved on the Trello board.
  • We are looking for a better solution.
Oct 10Doug
  • Event to clean the Clean Room on Oct 10
  • This is the lat day of the Spread the Hope peanut butter drive. Donations will be collected then.
  • Halloween is on a Sunday this year.
  • Ryan will be hosting an open social event for it. Be on the lookout for it to show up on the calendar.

Action items

There are no action items this month.