Deck out yo' car with the latest in vinyl decals! Lasercut a badge! All are SVG files, can be re-sized to whatever you need.

Car Swag

Plain ol' "" logotype logotype with "located in Richardson, Texas" appended

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Maker Badges

A 3D printer printing a cube.


A circular saw floating in space.

A symbol for coding.

A 20-sided die often used by gamers.

A drone hovering over the firmament.

Two interlocking gears. A universal symbol of makerspaces and making things.

TheLab's glider. Inspired by Conway's Game of Life.

Craft mafia represent

A hammer. To hammer in the morning.

The symbol for laser radiation.

 silhouette of an LED.

The symbol for an LED on an electronics schematic.

Two paintbrushes artfully arranged.

The silhouette of an amphora, a traditional piece of pottery.

An old-timey sewing machine. Sure, we use newer ones but they have less-sexy silhouettes.

A trebuchet. From the trebuchet region of France.

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