While we encourage our members to promote and share TheLab with others, we ask that you stick to the colors and fonts we’ve chosen to represent our organization. Our logo, colors, and font choices represent who we are, and identifies us as a unique entity!

Any questions or requests further regarding usage or additional identity elements can be directed to Leadership.

How do you write "TheLab.ms"?

TheLab.ms is also a website URL! It should be written with NO spaces. The 'T' in 'The' and the 'L' in 'Lab' should remain capitalized. The '.ms' is all lowercase. When saying the name, it should be read as "The Lab dot ms".


The roots of TheLab are in hacking. One of the symbols of hackerdom is the “glider” from Conway’s Game of Life. You can learn about, play and get lost in The Game of Life at the links in this very sentence.

Logo Guidelines

TheLab.ms logos are available in several formats. If you have a need beyond what is provided here, check out the Visual Assets KB! Please do not alter the colors or letter placement in these images when re-using them.

Black and white logo for general use.

.PNG, 600x600px

Color web-suitable logo for general use.

.PNG, 600x600px

Brand Elements


This chart represents colors used in TheLab’s logo, and is generally what is used in the website and print material.

Color SampleColor NameHex CodeCMYKRGBClosest Pantone
Dull Green#99CC6645,0,82,0153,204,102367 C
Artichoke#8A947F50,33,54,5138,148,1274180 C
Davy’s Grey#5555550, 0, 0, 6785, 85, 854294 C
Jet#34343473,67,65,7852,52,52Black 2 C
Platinum#E5E4E29,6,7,0229, 228, 226663 C
White#FFFFFF0,0,0,0255,255,255Bright White


Logo – Square 721
Headlines – Open Sans
Subheadings – Open Sans
Text/Paragraphs – Open Sans

Bold/Italics may be used in text as needed.

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