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titleCan I visit

Yes! Of course, you are more than welcome to attend any of the events in our calendar. is open 24/7: being a Member guarantees you access at all hours. We cannot guarantee that anyone will be present to give non-members a tour outside of event hours. Have a look at our Location page for more information on where we are.

titleWhat's this about a waiver?

Before entering our facilities, ALL persons are required to sign a waiver. You can do so by visiting

titleWhat kind of stuff do you guys have?

Long answer short, we’re very proud of our 3D printers, our 80W laser cutter, and our electronics lab. Short answer long, check out the EQ page to see a full list of equipment, machinery, and rooms we have.


titleHow do I join?

We’d love to have you join! For full instructions, membership types, and so forth, please visit the Join page and we’ll get you started.

titleHow old do members have to be?

We love kids! But, you must be a legal adult (18+) to hold a membership. However, members are allowed to bring kids and actively assist and supervise them in collaborative projects. Meaning, you may not drop off your child unattended. Legal reasons and all that.

titleI'm a new member. Help!

We recommend looking over the New Member page to get started. It's chock full of links and info you need to know, including how to get your keyfob.

titleI need someone to do something NOW!

Whoa there, cowboy. The first thing you need to know about is that we are 100% VOLUNTEER. That means nobody here, even Leadership, gets paid to do anything. Every member of TheLab can help do everything: take out the trash, sweep the floor, update the knowledge base, help repair equipment, lead community projects. If you need help, just ask! But please be respectful of everyone's time and energy.

Donations and Donating

titleI have a donation for you guys!

While we appreciate donations, we MUST screen all incoming equipment to see if it's the right fit for our space. Please check out Fundraising for more information.

titleIs there anything needs?

Yes! We have several Amazon wishlists with equipment we need, and expendables we regularly need to replace. Look at the charge chart on Fundraising and help us out!