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Directors and Officers Present

  • Olivia Snyder - President

  • Ryan Elliott - Secretary
  • Phil Magolias - Floating Board, CTO
  • Andy Michaels - Fundraising Coordinator.
  • John Sanders - Facilities Coordinator

Directors and Officers absent

  • Tommy Falgout - Vice President
  • Brandon Hansford - Floating Board, Education Coordinator.


  • This is the annual election
  • In order to maintain election by popular vote Brandon Hansford abstained from voting.
  • President is the only contested position in this election.


WhoRunning For PositionAbout

The current area host of the Dye Sub, the fill in host for so many other areas, and one of the driving forces of progress behind our current directions. Profile link

President, Education CoordinatorThe current Education Coordinator, and Floating Board. He is one of the most wholesome members we have, and has seen us through a lot of tough times.

Vice President, Fundraising Coordinator

The current Vice President, formerly President, and formerly Floating Board. Let's face it, he's Tommy, he's been here forever, and we all know how awesome he is.

Ryan Elliott

SecretaryThe current Secretary of the board, keeper of the minutes, and injector of humor. Going forward his goal is to more firmly integrate into all of the communities around Richardson.
Floating BoardThe current President, and former Vice President. She is the master of all things pottery, and has been the guiding force behind the progress of for several years now.
Floating Board, CTOThe current CTO and Floating Board. He is responsible for a vast number of the technological luxuries we have. Such as easy fob activation, the WHMCS portal, the internet, and many more.
Facilities CoordinatorThe current Facilities Coordinator. You don't want to know the kinds of things this man has seen. He has truly saved us from some nightmares.
TreasurerThe current Treasurer. He is the warrior tank who fervently protects our money.

Incoming Directors and Officers Elected

Education Coordinator

Vice President, Fundraising Coordinator

Ryan Elliott

Floating Board
Floating Board, CTO
Facilities Coordinator

Shout out to all the people who came out to vote... and got free doughnuts.

Tommy Falgout
Luke Bayley


Natcha Pradappet
Joseph Yan
Michael M Chow
Pavel Shatokhin
Douglas Bruce Emes II
Jennifer Emes
Dakota Johnson
Edward Pritzkau
Selina Workman
Arthur A Michaels
Ryan Elliott
Philip Magalios
Hannah Garbacz
Gregory Miller
Theodore Foster
Shawn porter
Matthew Collins
John Sanders
Michael Wood
Timothy Givens