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 Space out frontDoug
  • Discussion about the space out front being taken over and the feasibility of reserving a portion of the space.
  • Discussion of potential plans for said space.
  • Vote to  Unanimous decision not to move forward.
  • Determined that we do not utilize our current space well enough to justify expanding.
  • Unanimous vote to pass on the expansion offer presented to us.
  • A letter will be drafted to Charlie after the meeting.
  • Discussion about the state of our resources
  • Our infrastructure is old and bad so we are trying to find out if it is us or the shared connection.
  • An assessment is going to be done after we upgrade.
  • Vote to pre-approve a purchase of 3 AP at a total $210 if necessary.
Access ControlDoug/Phil
  • Discussion of how to proceed now that more people will be in the building.
Insurance Doug
  • Discussion of how to proceed with insurance.
  • The insurance packet came in the mail yesterday, 10 days after the postmark stamp says it was supposed to be delivered, and it is due tomorrow.
  • Since Doug has not been processed with the bank yet Tommy will be the one handling payment.
  • Discussion of marketing strategies.
  • Dakota Johnson and Holly Coleman are people.
  • Discussed our reliance on Benevity.
Membership GrowthAll Present Leadership
  •  We are over 100 members now and discussed communication issues.
  • Discussion of how to better relay information to new members.
  • Discussed potentially using some level of Active Directory or similarly adjacent system server to handle membership permissions for doors and equipment.
Azure stuffPhil
  • It is looking like we may potentially need another Azure VM for Moodle and we discussed the viability of it
  • We get $3500 per 10 months and we are using $1166 in the last 8 months.
  • It falls into the realm of acceptable with minimal risk and research will need to be done.
  • Vote to recognize FenCon as an official event
New SponsorsDoug
  • Discussed various potential sponsorships