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Directors and Officers Present

  • Doug Emes - President

  • Ryan Elliott - Secretaty
  • Brandon Hansford - Education Coordinator
  • Olivia Snyder - Floating Board
  • Luke Bayley - Treasurer
  • Phil Magolias - CTO, Floating Board

Directors and Officers Absent

  • Tommy Falgout - Vice President - Fundraising Coordinator
  • John Sanders - Facilities Coordinator

Presentation Slides

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nameJune - July 2021.pdf

Discussion items

Presentation by Doug EmesDoug
  • Monthly presentation
 Shortening leadership portion of meetings Doug
  •  In order to better increase member engagement we are going to try and shorten the leadership portion of the meeting. Tonight is the first trial run for this.
  • Follow CDC guidelines
  • If a class instructor wishes to require masks you can
Equipment siteDoug
  • domain is here to handle equipment
  • This is to help keep knowledge of what the status of equipment is, and if it belongs to the lab
3D PrintingDoug
  • The Creality and Photon printers are both almost up and running
Filling the CLO positionDoug
  • We can elect the intended new CLO, Theo Foster next month.
  • Theo has been helping us with legal advice for quite some time now.
Food WasteDoug
  • All food and drink waste is from now on required to go into the main trashcan.
Treasurer's ReportLuke
  • Click here to see the numbers
  • 11 new members this month.
  • We have a total of 119 currently subscribed members and 33 Lifetime members for a total of 152 members.
  • We still have lifetime memberships available.
Area HostsDoug
  • We are looking for area hosts for the following
  • Stitchlab
  • SLA Printing
  • Woodshop - Cutting, Finishing, Surfacing, and Turning all need specific hosts.
Upcoming EventsDoug
  • Make the Space - every 2nd and 4th Wednesday
  • Gypsy Soul Holistic Fair - July 24-25 - Olivia is participating in the event.
  • Fencon - September 17-19 - This is now an officially endorsed event.
  • Show and Tell - regular event tbd - discussion pending members meeting
Gypsy Soul Holistic FairOlivia
  • July 24-25 Frisco
  • Admission $5 cash $7 card
  • Fencon Website
  • September 17-19
  • We will be bring things like 3D Printers
  • We will also have merch
Discussion of the meeting on June 27Doug
  • Clarification of the motivations and reasons behind the impromptu meeting with no notice.
  • We are in the process of streamlining event creation
  • Event Task Force... ETF!
  • Phil is getting Moodle set up to help with the automation for this.
CNC MillDoug
  • Error measurement has gone down from 24/1000 to 8/1000.
  • WiFi is coming.
New APsMember Question
  • The new APs have not been ordered yet because we are still having issues with getting Doug on the bank account.
  • The bank issue is will be resolved before the end of the month.
Class schedulingBrandon
  • Brandon is the main contact to set up classes and events as the Education Coordinator
  • Classes have to have at least 5 people to be eligible for a point
  • Meetups have to be at least 10 people to be eligible for points
  • You can earn a maximum of 1 point per month.
  • Points are worth 1 month of membership or a free tshirt.
Music MeetupsMembership Questions
  • We are absolutely able to have music related meetups, just contact Brandon to set it up.
New NeighborsDoug
  • We have already started getting their mail
  • We are working on getting better solutions to our current breaker related problems.
Recording in the classroomDoug
  • We are planning to have microphones strategically placed around the classroom for the purpose of making communication in meetings, classes, and events easier.
MarketingMembership Questions
  • Reach out to leadership if you are interested in marketing.
  • Discussion of social media marketing.
  • Discussion of proliferating the brand.
  • Better infrastructure is coming.
  • Discussion of the various demographics and makerspaces.
  • Discussion of reaching out to other makerspaces for a maker related event.
Hybrid meetingsDoug
  • We want to continue to maintain hybrid meetings so that people who are unable to physically attend are able to digitally attend
  • Discord has been causing organic growth via non-local people.
  • We are looking for suggestions and ideas on how to educate the random people who find us through discord on our culture and how to help them integrate better with us.
  • We are able to do a lot of automated to help out with this, but this will take time.
  • We specifically need members to help out with things like letting people know that we are not a gaming discord, but we do have appropriate channels to talk about that.
  • We want to continue bringing in these people from the outside as it can help grow the digital community, and they are all welcome to attend our events and classes digitally.
  • Cameron has been doing a lot of work to make sure we have a good experience with discord, and we just wanted to recognize him.
Member SuggestionsOlivia
  • If you say something like 'Oh it would be great if we had/did X,Y,Z' DO IT. Be like Shia Labeouf.
Cameo CutterDoug
  • Discussion of how the Cameo cutter works and what you can do with it.
  • You can make things like popup cards and window decals very easily.
  • There are great tutorials at this link.
You don't have to wait for classes to learn things.Doug
  • If you want to learn how to do something, but can't make the times for any classes or meetups for it, post in Discord about what you want to learn. Someone can probably meet up with you to help you learn what you are trying to learn.
  • This does not include voluntelling members to make things for you.

Action items