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  • Formatting was changed. holds elections for its board and officers every June. To view current Leadership, please visit the Leadership page.

When elections are announced, Membership is encouraged to email nominations for positions to

For more info and FAQ, check out the e-mail:

Polls are Closed – They will open June

4th 2022 at 3:00pm



WhoRunning For PositionAbout

Current President, founding DMS member, builds things with the power of his beard.

Vice President

Tamer of Trogdor, and enthusiastic maker who can't wait to build some more bridges with the City of Richardson!
Vice PresidentCurrent Education Coordinator, past floating board, programmer of video games.
SecretaryFormer President, and former Vice President, current Floating Board. Always busy.
Michael ChowFloating BoardLongtime member of, rumor has it he was in a makerspace in the distant land of Cali Forn Eyuh before migrating to Texas
Paul IngendorfFloating BoardLongtime member of, Paul volunteers his powers for the good of TheLab. Not evil! No siree!


WhoRunning For PositionAbout
Shawn PorterEducation CoordinatorOne of TheLab's OG founders, Shawn has been invigorated by our renaissance and is looking to contribute to leadership once more!
Tim Givens

Facilities Coordinator

A constant mainstay at TheLab due to his #vanlife and passion for making all the things.
Paul IngendorfChief Technical OfficerPaul has successfully held the CTO position at before, we are excited at the prospect of him technomancing for us again!

Special Events Coordinator


Fundraising Coordinator
Chief Legal OfficerAn actual lawyer! Theo has provided us with much-needed legal advice and spoils all our fun by being responsible!

Other Issues Up for Vote

The following resolutions are put before the Membership for a vote on their adoption.  The Ballot will allow each member to vote either FOR or AGAINST the items below.  Thoughts, comments, or questions?  There's an active discussion thread in Discord under the #make-the-space channel.

WhatRelevant Links
Annual Affirmation on Code of ConductSee Section 11 of the proposed New Rules

Proposal to adopt the Code of Conduct and to require members to annually re-affirm their commitment to the Code of Conduct. 

(If this measure and the new Bylaws measure are both approved by the Membership, the Code of Conduct will become a Membership-Voted Rule.)

Annual Liability WaiverProposed new liability waiver

Proposal that members shall annually re-read and sign the Liability Waiver.

(If this measure and the new Bylaws measure are both approved by the Membership, the requirement to re-sign the liability waiver will become a Membership-Voted Rule.)

Revision of Bylaws and Rules
  1. Summary presentation
  2. New Bylaws
  3. New Membership-Voted Rules
  4. New Rules 
An overhaul of our current Bylaws. The new Bylaws are designed to be simpler, moving many issues to be "rules" that Leadership can grow and evolve as our needs change.