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Board Present

Doug EmesPresidentYes
Hannah GarbaczVice PresidentYes
Olivia SnyderSecretaryYes
Paul IngendorfFloating BoardYes
Michael ChowFloating BoardYes

Officers Present

Paul IngendorfCTOYes
Tim GivensFacilities CoordinatorYes
Theo FosterChief Legal OfficerYes
Shawn PorterEducation CoordinatorYes

Leadership Attending8/8


8:00PWho's Here8/8 of Leadership Present
8:04PCovid UpdateStill following CDC guidelines
8:05PFood & BeveragesMembers are reminded to discard of food items in the dumpster to avoid attracting pests.
8:06P2021 LeadershipOfficial thanks to 2021 Leadership for all their hard work.
8:08P2022 LeadershipIntro to all the new folks.
8:10PVacant PositionsTreasurer, Fundraising Coordinator are currently vacant.
8:10PArea HostsTheLab needs Area Hosts
  • Last sheet prepped by Luke, still experiencing negative cash flow, however we are still ok.
  • Board needs to examine additional equipment /replacement equipment
8:18PUpcoming Events
  • FenCon (Sept. 16-18) is the only on-schedule item.
  • We have attended in years previous, Hannah is looking to connect with costumers.
  • Goals for outreach:
    • library
    • CoR
8:28PLegal Report

Theo presents duties for Board and Officers and discusses his function as CLO for

Leadership is advised to not discuss legal matters in writing (i.e. Discord, email) to protect the organization.

Financial best practices advised: operating budget, control procedures, reserve funds, annual, independent audit.

Managerial best practices include: no single point of failure.

Theo is investigating liability insurance.

8:41PDoug asks for input from MembershipMembership is quiet ATM.
8:42PMeeting Adjourned


Doug's Powerpoint06/07 Presentation
Google Voice-to-Text Transcript from HannahTranscript