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The heart of is a passion for learning and sharing knowledge. We are always looking for folks to teach, whether it's how to use our equipment, or about a programming language, or sewing a button, we love to see it all!

I want to:So I should:
Take a class or attend an event.Check out our Google Calendar for all the officially listed classes.
Host a class or event.Please read over how to host something at
Hold a private class or event.All events hosted at are free and open to the public. We currently do not offer privately hosted events, or charge for classes.
Host a class, but I have materials that cost money.With the approval of the Education Coordinator, we can work out something! Classes are free, but we understand hosting a class with needed kits or equipment.
Host a remote class.Understand that currently, we are offering the option to host hybrid classes at That is, you are welcome to broadcast your class, or host in our Discord, but the class needs a physical host at our location. We wish to showcase things the makerspace can help do in conjunction with what folks are learning about!
Host a class on a topic like real estate or investing.While it is our goal to educate, our focus is on making. How can the makerspace help to enhance how people make and create? How can membership work together to collaborate on projects? Please check out our mission: The mission of is to foster a collaborative environment wherein people can explore and create intersections between technology, science, art, and culture. That's what we're looking for in the content of classes and events.

Google Calendar

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Hosting a Class or Event at

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titleScheduling Events
  1. Events must be scheduled using TheLab’s scheduling form.
    1. Events must be public, as per the bylaws
    2. Events should be scheduled at least two weeks in advance
  2. Events held at must be on TheLab’s official event calendar.
    1. Guests must RSVP on TheLab’s calendar
  3. Reserve the space right for your event
    1. Put a cap the number of guests you expect
    2. Reserve equipment you intend to use/teach about

titleResponsibilities During Events
  1. Host is responsible for:
    1. Cleanliness of the area the event is being hosted in
    2. Equipment being put back into its proper place
    3. Escorting non-members in and out of the makerspace
    4. Returning the room to it’s “ready” position
  2. Host must be:
    1. A member, or be sponsored by a member who will be at the event.
      1. Sponsoring member is ultimately responsible for host’s behavior
    2. Present for the ENTIRE event.
  3. Host must:
    1. Check-in all attendees, i.e. coordinate sign-in
    2. Ensure that all attendees have signed the electronic waiver
  4. Host may not:
    1. Leave non-member attendees in TheLab.
    2. Allow non-member attendees to utilize equipment that is not directly being demonstrated specifically for a class
    3. Allow attendees to leave unfinished projects (with the exception of two-part classes, this must be approved by the Education Coordinator ahead of time)

titleAvailable Spaces to Reserve
  1. The Classroom
    1. Minimum of 6 expected people to reserve
  2. The Lathe Area in the Shop
    1. Maximum of 6 people at a time for safety
  3. The CNC Area in the Shop
    1. Maximum of 8 people at a time for safety
  4. The Shop Community Table
    1. Maximum of 10 people at a time for safety
    2. Specify equipment needed for class use
  5. The Community Room
  6. 3D Printers
    1. Specify length of time needed to reserve a machine
  7. Laser Cutters
    1. Specify length of time needed to reserve a machine
  8. Table(s) in the Common Area
  9. Custom Space/Equipment
    1. TBD with help of member of Leadership

Host Resources

Check-in FormCheck in all the guests for your event!
Waiver FormIf they haven't, guests need to sign a waiver to be in
Room Checklists(under constructionWorking draft) What needs to be cleaned, re-set, or done in the area you're using?

Where are Events Posted?

Google CalendarOur official calendar. When in doubt, check this one.
Facebook Events
LinkedInInfrequently updated. We try.