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Official Materials for Distribution

ItemDescriptionLast-Used Production SiteLast-Used ParametersFile(s)
business cardtwo-sided card with logo and map/links front is horizontal, the reverse is vertical

info flyer

Visual Assets for Special Use

ItemDescriptionLast-Used Production CompanyLast-Used ParametersFile
fabric bannerbanner with logo fabric banner
generic makerspace signsemi-branded "makerspace" logo used for the building signageSign-A-Rama Richardson

Posters, Signage, In-House Notices



3D print warning signMonitor your 3D prints!
Laser cutter warning signMonitor your cut!

Misc. Graphics and Doobers

printable stickera printable sticker with a doofy-looking guy telling you that you're doing a good job on it.

a sheet of stickers

an entire sheet of smaller stickers with that doofy guy telling people they're doing a good job; good for scan-n-cut