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Health and Safety Policy

Our mission is to foster a collaborative environment wherein people can explore and create intersections of technology, science, art, and culture.  To promote our ability to collaborate in a healthy and safe way, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic prompts us to work together to minimize the potential for the virus to spread within our community and within the broader Metroplex community. 

The virus that causes COVID-19 can be spread to others by infected persons who have few or no symptoms. Because of the hidden nature of this threat, it is important for us to take extra precautions when the virus is spreading rapidly within the Metroplex. Therefore, whenever a government order covering requires that we implement a mask mandate, it is the policy of to require the following:

  1. FACE COVERING REQUIRED WHILE ON PREMISES. All persons over the age of six (6), including members, visitors, invitees and contractors, who enter’ premises must bring and wear a face covering over their nose and mouth, such as a mask, scarf, bandana, or handkerchief. will not supply face coverings. Individuals who are not wearing a face covering are not permitted to enter’ premises.
    1. December 2021 Update:  While using equipment where a face mask could itself pose a safety hazard, a member may wear a face shield instead of a face mask.

  2. VIOLATIONS. An individual who violates the face covering requirement must leave the premises.  It is NOT a sufficient response for an individual to simply don a face mask upon request. 

Any member is authorized and encouraged to ask anyone not wearing a face covering to leave the premises.  The member should also report the incident to Leadership via email (  A violation will be considered to be at least a Level 3 (general) infraction under’ disciplinary model.  Repeated violations, or failing to leave the premises when asked, may be considered a Level 4 infraction.

Disciplinary action may also be taken if a violation is observed remotely via’s camera system. 

  1. SOCIAL DISTANCING PROTOCOLS. Even with the use of appropriate face coverings, individuals should maintain six feet of social distancing whenever possible.
  2. NOTICE AND SIGNAGE. Notice of the face covering requirement will be announced on Discord and posted at the entrances to’ space. This Health and Safety Policy will be posted prominently in the’ atrium.

The above requirements will remain in force until the relevant government order expires or is rescinded.  If there is a dispute over whether the government order is valid, authorized, or enforceable, or if it is unclear whether the government order is applicable to, it will be our policy to treat the government order as valid, authorized, enforceable, and applicable.

ADOPTED August 12, 2021 by order the Chief Legal Officer, and the elected President of, to maintain in compliance with the Order of County Judge Clay Jenkins on Required Use of a Face Mask in Certain Public Space (Aug. 11, 2021); see Bylaws 6.5.2 (“The Chief Legal Officer will … ensure that the organization is in compliance with regulatory codes.”).

AMENDED by the Chief Legal Officer on December 12, 2021, with the support of the Board of Directors, to permit use of a face shield when a face mask would itself pose a safety hazard.

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