Board Present

Doug EmesPresidentYes (remote)
Hannah GarbaczVice PresidentYes
Olivia SnyderSecretaryYes
Paul IngendorfFloating BoardYes (remote)
Michael ChowFloating BoardYes (remote)

Officers Present

Paul IngendorfCTOYes (remote)
Tim GivensFacilities CoordinatorYes
Theo FosterChief Legal OfficerNo
Shawn PorterEducation CoordinatorYes (remote)
Leadership Attending7/8


8:00PStart?It is assumed that the meeting began with Doug virtually; persons in the physical space missed the beginning of the meeting.

Doug is discussing finances. They can be viewed here:

Specifically pointed out are renewing items, and pre-approvals. We are in need of a Treasurer or CPA within our budget.

8:15PNew TVs

Doug again points out the new TV. It indeed is nifty. As are other the other TVs. UPS has not delivered one of our TVs yet.

One TV in each room. It will be great.

8:17PWebcams, MicrophonesDoug requests new webcams and microphones if folks have them, as it would help with hybrid meetings.
8:19PByLawsTheo has updated the bylaws and paperworks in the KB.
8:20PAccountabilityDoug notes that we need to be clear with expectations for hosting a class, signing in guests, emptying trash, cleaning tables, etc.
8:22PCTO stuffsPaul is renewing the Azure subscription. There may be hiccoughs. All systems normal.
8:23PNew Old MembersMAKE SURE "new" old members are able to log into, and off of old Paypal.
8:25PNew LaserHannah notes she and Doug went over requirements for secondary laser, X-Tool: attractive options were: warranty, extended support, wider cutting size.
8:27PNew Club JoiningA musical instrument club wishes to host classes on guitar-making. They wish to make use of the woodshop, and encourage their club members to join.
8:29PNew TVsDoug is excited about the new TVs again. They will be great for hosting hybrid classes. Improvements to infrastructure are appreciated.
8:30PDMS DonationsDMS says to come get our crap or they're going to auction it off.
8:32PRichardson LibraryHannah went to the RPL this week, and made contact with their PR person, and there was high interest in a collaborative effort. They seem amiable to the idea of flyers out for us as an entity. A three-dimensional display is of particular interest.
8:35PEfforts for NTGDWe need to sign up for North Texas Giving Day ASAP. Hannah coordinates with Doug to get it done.
8:36POliviaOlivia notes the Fall season is busy.
8:37PPaulNothing of note.
8:38PMicOffers up his trailer for picking up DMS stuff.
8:39PDMS helpHannah notes a new member is willing to help with DMS pickup.
8:40PTimTim notes he needs help with ideas on company/military discounts for lumber purchasing to help ease the costs. Hannah suggests putting it out to general membership.
8:41PShawnShawn says that he is planning on moving to another state. He will have to hand off stuff to others as his availability will shrink. He thanks current Leadership for their help.
8:43PAndyAndy is a slacker and working on event coordination.
8:44PFenCon MeetingHannah mentions a meeting for FenCon at the end of August.
8:45PLanguageDoug says we need to double-check the language of expenditure rules in the ByLaws/Rules.
8:46PFenconPaul inquires as to the date of the Fencon meeting. It is August 27th at 2:00P at the hotel Fencon is hosted at.
8:47PMeeting CloseDoug says bye bye, and closes the meeting.


No relevant addenda for this meeting.

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