Board Present

Doug EmesPresidentYes (remote)
Hannah GarbaczVice PresidentYes
Olivia SnyderSecretaryYes
Paul IngendorfFloating BoardYes (remote)
Michael ChowFloating BoardYes (remote)

Officers Present

Paul IngendorfCTOYes (remote)
Tim GivensFacilities CoordinatorYes
Theo FosterChief Legal OfficerNo
Shawn PorterEducation CoordinatorNo
Leadership Attending6/8


7:08PTVsDoug points out the TV is no longer purple. New TVs. At least one TV is still somewhere in UPS's system.

Hannah discusses classes and new scheduling software we are testing out. Brady agrees to be a guinea pig for the new class scheduling system.

Hannah reminds us to start planning for the holidays (PRESENT MAKING!)

7:13PFenConHannah talks about FenCon, and talking about costuming. Request for persons who cosplay or build costumes to help contribute please visit #fencon in Discord.
7:15PArcade SetupTim talks about the new arcade setup he constructed from scrap in the shop, and the controllers he built using RasPi Picos. Excellent for game night! (see addenda for pic)
7:16PVolunteer CallHannah requests a call for volunteers to help with the shop workbench. (see addenda for rendering)

Hannah and Doug note that the new X-Tool diode laser is almost all arrived. Some parts are still in transit.

X-Tool is able to etch and cut very light things, i.e. paper, etc. A rotary attachment is also arriving. We have purchased extended warranty and support for the machine.

We will need volunteers to help construct an enclosure for the new laser.

Doug notes that we need more safety training to help keep people from running the lasers with inch-high flames while cutting.

7:28PLightburnDoug notes the Lightburn license has been updated. This allows members to get a discount on the software. (From $120 to $30! Inquire on #laser in Discord for more info.)
7:32POpen FloorHannah welcomes members to speak!
7:33PSewingTim wants to have more sewing classes. Are there plans for this? Costumers are welcome to host! Textile and prop-type knowledge are appreciated.
7:35PLeather Craft

A member inquires about leather crafting. He has interest in making leather armor and has made a leather bag/purse. He would like to teach, but is unsure about the resources TheLab currently has.

Doug mentions he has a few tools available, and gets very excited about various resources for making costumes and whatnot.

Another member is a Viking re-enactor and is interested.

7:40PLasercut AirplaneBrady brings up lasercutting a lasercut cardboard airplane for a child's costume. General agreement that such a costume is adorable and fun.
7:42PNew Laser

Tim asks if the new laser is running Gerbil. Doug and Hannah confirm it is. Secretary envisions a small rodent in a wheel powering said equipment.

Hannah notes that Lightburn's website is great for learning about how to lasercut stuff.

Tim asks if the new laser has built-in wifi. Hannah is unsure. Doug notes that Trogdor has built-in ethernet, perhaps a Raspi setup would be helpful. Hannah is hesitant because Trogdor is a whiny butt.

7:45PFiber Arts

A member notes she has a degree in textile arts and is willing to teach something with yarn/crochet.

Olivia notes people will show up for Stitch 'n' Bitch straight up.

7:48PGroup MeetingsIt is generally considered an idea of interest to informally gather with topics of interest. i.e. fiber arts, 3D printing, etc.
7:49PCostumingTim is interested in lasercutting craft foam and texturing with the new laser.

Doug thanks those that showed up, both in-person and remote. (heart) He is most encouraging of "discipline office hours" for folks to show up and let others know they are available.

7:53PKnife SharpeningHannah notes we have a knife class in the works, it should be interesting to attend.


The new mobile arcade cart Tim has constructed.

Tim's mockup of the workbench and French cleat plans in the shop.

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