Board Present

Doug EmesPresidentYes
Hannah GarbaczVice PresidentNo (giving tours)
Olivia SnyderSecretaryYes
Paul IngendorfFloating BoardNo
Michael ChowFloating BoardNo

Officers Present

Paul IngendorfCTONo
Tim GivensFacilities CoordinatorNo
Leadership Attending2/6


7:12PNew TVs, EquipmentBabylock embroiderer from DMS is incoming, other large items from DMS are awaiting places. It may be worth looking into 220V to prevent flipping breakers.
7:14PX-ToolDoug notes that Tim, Hannah, himself are working on the X-Tool documentation for members to use.
7:15POpen FloorDoug opens the floor. He is tired of talking. (LOL)
7:16PPlotter UpdateLarge-format inkjet Grumpy is working on. Estimates about $250 in parts etc. to bring it up to working order.
7:18PReplacement Dye Sub PartsOlivia notes that putting more expendables on the Amazon lists, especially dye sub inks et. al would be a good idea.
7:23POpen FloorDoug decides to stop talking. Again.
Electronic classes; would like to offer radio certification. But it is unclear if members would be willing to shell out monies for it. There appears to be a large amount of material involved.
7:34PAdjournWe're good until Leadership at the top of the hour.


There are no addenda for this meeting.