Board Present

Doug EmesPresidentYes
Hannah GarbaczVice PresidentYes
Olivia SnyderSecretaryYes
Paul IngendorfFloating BoardYes
Michael ChowFloating BoardNo

Officers Present

Paul IngendorfCTOYes
Tim GivensFacilities CoordinatorYes (remote)
Leadership Attending5/6


7:10PWelcomeDoug welcomes Membership
7:11PNTX Giving DayHannah reports we got $415! Hooray! Things may be better if we had a fundraising coordinator. Which we need. Holly, a member, volunteers to be fundraising coordinator.
7:15PCode Launch

Hannah mentions we got an invitation to have a table at Code Launch. It is a combination venture-capital/entrepreneur give-back event that targets tech-minded people. The event is the 16th of November in South Side Music Hall. This is a very local event. 4-6, 7-9, 6-7 are times when things happen.

Member asks about what talking points we should address. Doug suggests getting more engagement and volunteers can be of a huge help.

An extensive discussion ensues regarding exactly what the makerspace offers, and how to explain this to persons wishing to know how a makerspace works.

The discussion continues ad nauseum.
Secretary closes the document to use the restroom and call for a break before Leadership.


There are no addenda for this meeting.