The New Space

Hey everyone!

If you haven't heard yet, we have moved from Plano to Richardson!  This page is designed to hold all information relevant to our move and keep you informed.  Contact us at #make-the-space channel on discord.

Keep checking back as contents will change.  This is a living document.

Historical move it move it


If you haven't heard, we have all been working very hard for our grand opening. As COVID numbers are getting worse before they get better we have made the hard decision to switch to a not-so-grand opening for now with a real Grand Opening planned for some undetermined time in the future. If you'd like to attend, leadership needs a few things from you:

1. Reserve your spot! In order to make sure that we meet the guidelines for capacity we need to limit the number of people that can come. In order to reserve your seat, you need to sign up on meetup:

1a. If you can't make it, we will stream it so you can see what's going on, and I'll be watching the stream comments to provide views of the space and try and answer questions as much as possible! Tell your friends/neighbor/neighbors' dog about the stream, let's get the word out!

2. Represent TheLab! Our fearful/less/ing leader @olisny is working on getting some limited edition T-Shirts for this event. (Link to follow in the next few days, you will have to buy them, but they will be sold at cost.) We want any member that is coming to not-so-grand opening to buy one of these to represent our amazing organization.
Side note: Once the link is posted, you can buy a t-shirt weather you are or aren't going to the not-so-grand opening and represent TheLab anywhere you go!

2a. Leadership requests that if you don't buy a shirt, that you wear something that classifies as "business casual" We expect press to be there, so we want to make sure that the only logos/brands/organizations that are visible by our members are ours!

If you have questions, please reach out to anyone in leadership!


I have some awesome news, we've got a place for you to obtain SHIRTS. The DIY/local option was a little tight in the timeline considering we want shirts for the grand opening.

In the meanwhile, enjoy! Currently, the commission on profits is set as low as it can go on Redbubble, at 1%. We want all the volunteers and people who helped get TheLab in shape to show off and enjoy a shirt! This is less fundraising and more THANK YOU!

There are a few more shirt/hoodie/sweatshirt options in the shop, as well as some masks and stickers. ENJOY! ⬅ This section has logo! ⬅ This section has the circular glider image!

(P.S. I recommend the "Heather Gray" or "White" option for your clothing color.)


We need people to help inventory, catalog and move equipment, chairs, tables, etc.  Planned move events:



New Location:  999 East Arapaho Rd, Richardson, TX 75081

Project Plan:

Milestones Calendar 

Moving Czars

Access Control
3D Printing
Laser Cutter
Grand Opening@carol

@Julie Harris Olivia Snyder


Brandon Hansford  & @this_many_pavels

Packing Info and Instructions

Questions? Ping Olivia Snyder on Slack.

Packing InstructionsHow to pack, label, and tag things in the current space for the new space.
Label ThatForm to fill out when packing/tagging items.
Questionable ItemsForm to fill out when tagging an item for purge/trash/donation.
Equipment ListSpreadsheet to tag KB items with QR codes. If it's on this sheet, it should have a KB page. If it has a KB page, it should be on this sheet!